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Retro Bobber


American retro chopper electric bikes

If you like retro electric bike style, vintage or chopper motorcycles, this chopper bike is made for you. It will fulfill all your desires. This vintage American bicycle offers a perfect fusion between the timeless charm of retro and modern advances in electric technology.

The vintage American electric bike, a design inspired by California. It is the quintessence of retro style revisited. It's the ideal electric fat bike for cruising along the beach. Its comfortable seating position will make you want to walk long distances.

Vintage American electric bike

The Boober is an electrically assisted bicycle, there are two versions available. The first has a powerful 250 watt motor with a 36 volt 20Ah battery. The second a powerful electric version has a 500 watt motor with a 48 volt 17.5Ah battery.

The BOBBER vintage American bike is equipped with a 7-speed derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes.

The controller allows you to control the entire system, including the trigger as well as the ignition management (the screen and the backlight). This vintage electric fat bike is easy to ride with its electric motor.

The BOBBER has 5 levels of assistance. This beach cruiser will give you an incomparable driving experience with vintage style.

Chopper bike alliance of Versatility and Performance

In addition to its impressive aesthetics, this chopper bike offers exceptional versatility. In town or on the beach, the wide, comfortable tires let you navigate with confidence over a variety of terrains. Additionally, electric assistance helps you cover every mile more easily by giving you an extra boost.

The Passion of Retro with a Vintage American Bike

In conclusion, this retro electric bike is much more than just a means of transportation. It is a style statement, an expression of freedom and a tribute to the era of retro revisited. With their perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, they embody the very essence of retro cycling style with a touch of modernity. Let yourself be seduced by the timeless charm of the chopper bike and set off on an unforgettable adventure aboard a modern retro electric bike.

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    Discover all the characteristics of this product thanks to our detailed presentation.

    Composant Description

    Power: 250 KW

    Simple: 500 KW


    Lithium I-ion 36V 20.8A
    Lithium I-ion 48V 17.5A


    Up to 80 km


    Welded 6061 aluminum


    Double arm


    Hydraulic disc


    White frame: Crampons 26 X 4.0
    Black frame: Slick 26 X 4.0




    SHIMANO 7 speed


    SHIMANO 7 speed



    Manette - Levier

    SHIMANO trigger


    Cow horns


    Ergonomic recycled faux leather


    Michael Blast Custom


    Great comfort Michael Blast


    LED rear light
    Battery-powered LED rear light

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    A Journey Through Time with the Retro Electric Bike

    Imagine yourself riding your retro electric bike through the streets of your city, capturing the awe of everyone you pass. With their vintage aesthetic and details inspired by
    motorcycle choppers, these retro electric bikes instantly transport you to a bygone era, where style and elegance were king.

    velo electrique retro bobber

    The Perfect Marriage between Tradition and Innovation

    However, don't let their retro look fool you. These retro electric bikes are equipped with the latest technological advances, providing a modern and comfortable riding experience. Featuring powerful electric motors and high-performance batteries, they allow you to travel long distances effortlessly, while preserving the essence of vintage style.

    velo electrique retro bobber

    A Style That Suits You

    Whether you prefer the classic look of a vintage bike or the boldness of a motorcycle chopper, there's a retro electric bike for every personality. With endless customization and customization options, you can create a bike that truly reflects your style and individuality. From the characteristic handlebars to the iconic headlights, every detail is designed to offer you a unique experience.

    frequently asked Questions

    What is a retro fatbike electric bike?

    A retro fat bike electric bike is a vintage style bike that features
    wide tires designed for off-road and rough terrain. He
    incorporates an electric motor to assist pedaling, thus offering
    a comfortable and versatile ride.

    Live Your Retro Passion with a Modern Electric Bike

    Benefits of a retro fatbike electric bike include versatility
    to ride on different types of terrain, driving comfort
    thanks to the wide tires and suspension, and the vintage style
    distinctive that attracts attention

    What are the main characteristics of a retro fatbike electric bike?

    The main characteristics of a retro fat bike electric bike
    include a stylish vintage frame, wide fat tires , a transmission adapted to varied terrain and an integrated electric motor for pedaling assistance.

    What is the autonomy of a retro fatbike electric bike?

    The autonomy of a retro fat bike electric bike varies depending on the
    battery capacity, rider weight, assistance level
    used and land. Typically, these bikes can travel between 60
    and 100 kilometers on a single battery charge

    What does the box contain on delivery?

    1x retro electric bike , headlight, non-slip alloy pedals and mudguards.

    1 removable battery 48 V13 Ah.

    1 charger

    1x rear rack

    1x free assembly tool

    Watch the assembly video

    How to turn the bike on or off?

    Switch the battery to “on”

    Then press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

    How to turn the headlights on or off?

    Keep pressing + for 3 seconds