Help to finance your purchase

Bonus for the purchase of an electric bike for individuals

This purchase bonus is awarded depending on the choice of your bike: For an electrically assisted bicycle: 50% of the purchase price up to €400 For a cargo bike without electrical assistance: 50% of the purchase price up to 'to €400 For a cargo bike with electric assistance: 50% of the purchase price up to €600. You can use the online simulator to find out the amount.

Can you buy an electric bike with your company?
  1. Tax benefits: Businesses can deduct expenses related to the purchase of e-bikes, which helps reduce taxes.
  2. Incentivizing sustainable mobility: Encouraging the use of electric bicycles can contribute to a policy of social and environmental responsibility.
  3. Employee Well-being: Offering e-bikes as a benefit can improve the health and well-being of employees by encouraging them to adopt an active lifestyle.
  4. Eco-friendly travel: Electric bikes reduce the carbon footprint of business travel, which contributes to environmental sustainability.

Your daily life by electric bike

From what age can you ride an electric bike?

To drive an electric fat bike, it must be a classic e-bike not exceeding 25km/h with electric assistance. The minimum age must be 14 years old .

What is the maximum authorized speed?

In Europe, legislation provides for a speed limit of 25 km/hour for electrically assisted bicycles (VAE).

Should we wear a helmet on an electric bike?

Is wearing a helmet obligatory? THE
wearing a helmet is compulsory for children under 12 years old
whether they are drivers or passengers and it is recommended for
adolescents and adults

How many kilometers (km) can you do on an electric bike?

an electric bike can travel between 40 and 120km. Several parameters must be taken into account:

1: battery power:

Indeed there are several power and amperage, it is important to compare this element when you buy a bike.

2: The level of assistance:

Our VAEs have 5 levels of assistance, if you use level 5 you will travel less km because it uses more assistance than level 1.

3: Weight and road

The total weight loaded on the bike plays a role in autonomy.

The environment also matters, if you have hills to overcome, the bike will use assistance much more than on flat ground.

Living daily with a fat bike

How much power for a fat bike?

The maximum power for a bicycle authorized on the road is 250W. We offer 500w and 750w bikes, these bikes are only authorized on private land.

Where can you ride a fat bike?

Limitless Versatility. Whether you're riding in the city, on the beach or in the mountains, the electric beach cruiser is the electric fatbike that adapts to all environments

What is the warranty for electric fatbike parts?

The warranty is 5 years on the frames and 2 years on the electrical system.

Our Unikride services

How to book a bike test?

Make a request on the try a bike page

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Once the order is validated, on bikes in stock the delivery time is 48 hours (working day).

Can not find what you are looking for ?

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