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Discover the Pleasure of Adventure with the Fat Bike

Electric Beach Cruisers

Electric fat bikes and beach cruisers represent a unique fusion of style, versatility and performance. Whether you're a thrill-seeker looking for off-road riding or a fan of casual rides along the coast, these bikes offer an experience like no other.

Electric Fat Bike: Conquer All Terrains

Electric fat bikes , with their wide tires and powerful motor, are designed to tackle all types of terrain. Whether you're riding mountain trails, muddy paths or sandy beaches, these mountain bikes give you exceptional grip and stability. The integration of an electric motor allows you to overcome obstacles with ease, while the removable battery ensures convenient charging wherever you are.

Beach Cruiser: A Casual Style for All Adventures

Fat bike beach cruisers embody the carefree spirit of the beach and retro style. With their elegant frame and comfortable riding position, these beach bikes are perfect for leisurely strolls on the beaches of Hossegor or a ride on the Vélodyssée . Whether you're looking for convenient transportation or a way to escape from everyday life, beach cruisers offer timeless style and a relaxing driving experience.

The Beach Bike: Everyday Fat Bike

Whether you opt for an electric fat bike to challenge mountain trails or a beach cruiser for relaxed rides by the sea, these bikes offer an unforgettable experience. With their combination of style, versatility and performance, the electric fat bike and beach cruiser are the perfect companions for all your outdoor adventures.

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      Composant Description

      250W / 500W


      Lithium I-ion 48V 17.5A


      Up to 80 km


      Welded 6061 aluminum


      Cityfat 20x4.0


      hydraulic disc brake Tektro HD-E350


      CST Big Boat 26x4.0


      SHIMANO Altus 7 speed


      SHIMANOHGS 7 speed 14-24 freewheel


      KMC-Z Narrow 6-8v

      Manette - Levier



      Ergotec Beach cruiser black


      P&A adjustable plunger


      Cruiser bike saddle


      Electric front LED headlight Electric rear LED headlight on luggage rack

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      velo electrique beach cruiserhomme_2
      beach cruiser à Paris
      Balade à Bordeaux beach cruiser
      Beach cruiser sur le miroir d&
      beach cruiser pneu large cadre vert
      Beach cruiser homme noir mat
      velo electrique beach cruiser homme
      Détail vélo beach cruiser vert
      beach cruiser electrique
      fat bike Hossegor

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      Vélo électrique beach cruiser

      velo beach cruiser électrique hossegor homme

      Californian electric beach cruiser fat bike

      Limitless Versatility. Whether you ride in the city, on the beach or in the mountains, the electric beach cruiser fat bike that adapts to all environments. Their versatile design allows you to explore new horizons with complete freedom. Whether for a relaxed ride on the Vélodyssée or to go to work in the heart of Paris.

      vélo électrique femme

      The beach bike Safety and Reliability

      This beach bike equipped with high-performance brakes and high-quality components, the electric beach cruiser guarantees your safety on the road. Bikes with a robust design and their reliability make them reliable traveling companions, whatever the conditions. Featuring powerful Bafang electric motors and high-performance batteries, they allow you to travel long distances effortlessly, while preserving the essence of vintage style.

      vélo beach cruiser électrique homme

      Best electric beach cruiser

      Californian cruiser electric bike

      Opt for the electric beach cruiser fat bike to combine style and performance while traveling. With their sleek design and cutting-edge technology, these electric bikes give you an unparalleled riding experience, wherever you go. From the characteristic handlebars to the iconic headlights, every detail is designed to offer you a unique experience riding this beach bike

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        5 YEARS


        2 YEARS


        2 YEARS



      frequently asked Questions

      What is a Fatbike electric bike?

      A Fatbike electric bike is an off-road bicycle equipped with wide tires, typically 4 inches or more wide, designed to provide exceptional grip on a variety of terrains, including sand, snow, mud, and dirt trails. mountain.

      How does a Fatbike electric bike work?

      An electric fat bike has a built-in electric motor that assists the rider while pedaling, providing extra power to overcome obstacles and difficult terrain. Motor power is usually controlled by a pedal assist system with several levels of assistance.

      What is the autonomy of a Fatbike electric bike?

      The range of a Fatbike electric bike depends on several factors, including battery capacity, the level of assistance chosen by the rider, terrain and weather conditions. Our Fatbike electric bikes can travel between 70 and 120 kilometers on a single battery charge.

      Do Fatbike electric bikes require special maintenance?

      Like all electric bikes, Fatbike electric bikes require regular maintenance to ensure they function properly. This may include checking and inflating the tires, lubricating the chain, checking the brakes, and checking the battery and electrical system. Contact our workshops for maintenance on your bike.

      Can you use a Fatbike electric bike on the road?

      Yes, Fatbike electric bikes can be used on the road. Their wide tires cushion the holes in the cobblestones of small streets. They offer better comfort than standard tires and cannot get stuck in tram rails.