Vélo Electrique Grosse Roue : Tout Savoir sur les Fat Bikes

Electric Fat Wheel Bike: Everything you need to know about Fat Bikes

Electric bikes with wide wheels, commonly called " fat bikes ", have become a hot trend for off-road bike enthusiasts. With their ability to tackle the most difficult terrain, these bikes offer a unique riding experience, combining power, comfort and versatility.

Electric Fat Bike: An All-Terrain Adventure

Electric fat bikes are specially designed to tackle all types of terrain. Equipped with wide tires offering excellent grip, they allow you to ride on varied surfaces, such as sand, snow, mud or uneven trails. Thanks to their electric motor, they provide valuable grip for climbing the steepest slopes.

All-Terrain Electric Bike: For Adventurous Explorers

Whether for a ride in the mountains, a trip to the beach or a hike in the forest, the electric fat bike is the ideal companion for adventurers looking for new sensations. Its ability to ride on varied terrain makes it a versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts. You can choose the best fat bike from our range of bikes .

Electric Fat Bike: Comfort and Performance

Electric fat bikes are equipped with wide tires that absorb shock and provide a comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain. Their powerful motor allows you to cover long distances effortlessly, while their robust design guarantees great durability.

Beach Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike: For Relaxing Rides

Want to relax along the beach or enjoy a stroll by the sea? The beach cruiser electric fat bike is perfect for this. With its wide tires and ergonomic design, it offers optimal comfort for leisurely walks by the water.

All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike: The Winter Explorers’ Friend

Thanks to its wide tires and its electric power, the electric fat bike is also suitable for winter conditions. Whether riding on fresh snow or ice, it will allow you to enjoy your adventures even in the heart of winter. Fat bike rental in the mountains is a growing seasonal activity.


The big wheel electric bike , or electric fat bike , offers an exceptional riding experience on all terrains. Versatile, comfortable and efficient, it is the ideal choice for mountain bike enthusiasts looking for adventure. Discover our selection of electric fat bikes now and embark on new explorations!