Le vélo électrique familial - Comparatif & Utilisation

The family electric bike - Comparison & Use

Family electric bikes, whether cargo, longtail, two-wheel, or three-wheel, are increasingly popular for daily commuting and family outings. They stand out for their ability to transport children or various loads in complete safety.

To choose a family electric bike, it is essential to take into account as many criteria as possible to find the right one! Comfort, pleasure to share, safety and other technical characteristics, the choice in the bike range can be very wide.

We suggest you take an overview of the main models in order to compare them and so that you can form your own opinion.

The essentials of the family electric bike

The models are varied and meet the specific needs of a large number of families, offering excellent value for money.

The types of family bikes are mostly longtails, cargos, two-wheelers and three-wheelers. We will see how this type of bike combines safety, ease, ecology and economy, making them an ideal choice for modern families.

Why choose a family electric bike?

Wide wheels and hydraulic brakes ensure a stable and secure ride, while accessories such as LED lights and saddlebags add practicality.

Customer reviews often highlight their reliability, making them a preferred choice for eco-friendly and economical transportation.

Carry multiple passengers

Family electric bikes allow you to transport several passengers. Thanks to the range of powerful motors and large capacity batteries, they are designed and designed to carry heavier loads while maintaining optimal stability. As for the seats, they are robust and the protection bars guarantee the safety of all passengers. Enough to take your child to school or use it during a family outing.

The pleasure of sharing

One of the joys of riding an electric bike with the family is the pleasure of sharing quality time. Journeys become opportunities for discovery and conviviality. Children love being accompanied by their parents to school, and parents can use the opportunity to teach values ​​such as respect for the environment and the importance of physical activity.

Comfort and safety

This type of bike is equipped with systems guaranteeing safety, including protection bars and LED lights.

These two wheels are designed with ergonomic frames and adjustable saddles to guarantee optimal comfort for all passengers.

Equipped with quality suspension and wide wheels, this gives us a smooth ride, even on uneven terrain. Equipped with a powerful hydraulic braking system and multiple speeds gives us total driving control in various conditions.

Ecology and economy

Opting for an electric bike is an ecological and economical choice. The use of electricity reduces the carbon footprint, thus contributing to environmental protection.

The motors provide reliable assistance, allowing longer journeys to be completed without excessive effort. Large-capacity batteries ensure sufficient range for daily commuting, reducing transportation costs without being exhausted.

Additionally, servicing and maintenance of e-bikes is generally less expensive than cars, providing additional savings in the long run.


Comparison of different bikes

Several types and ranges are available to you, each with specific characteristics adapted to the needs of families. Let's explore the main categories, focusing on their advantages and particularities.


Essential technical characteristics

To compare the differences, here is a summary table (the data may change and does not represent all products but it allows a good understanding of the differences):



Electric Longtail


Electric Scooter


Electric Scooter


Load carried

High, up to 200 kg

High, up to 200kg

Very high, up to 300 kg


About 30kg

About 35kg

About 40 kg


Up to 80 km

Up to 80 km

Up to 60 km

Engine power

250W - 500W

250W - 750W

500W - 750W


Adjustable saddle and handlebars

Ergonomic saddle

Comfortable seat and cushions

Suspension Options

Front and rear suspension

Front suspension

Full suspension

Wheel size

26 inches

24 inches

20 inches


Hydraulic disc

Hydraulic disc

Hydraulic disc






The Longtail

Longtails are designed to provide significant carrying load without compromising maneuverability. Equipped with a long rear base, they allow you to add seats, baskets or bags.

The advantages of longtails:

  • The load carried : thanks to their elongated design, they can transport several children or bulky cargo.
  • Storage options : Longtails come equipped with various accessories like side bags and sturdy luggage racks, making them ideal for errands and commuting.

The Two-porters

Two-wheelers are characterized by their front body, which allows children or goods to be transported in complete safety. They are particularly appreciated for their stability and their transport capacity.

  • Stability : the low center of gravity and the wide front base ensure excellent stability, even when fully loaded.
  • Load carried : biporters can transport several people, pets or heavy loads, while offering optimal comfort

electric scooter

The cargo bike featured, such as the UnikRide Electric Tricycle , represents an excellent choice for families for several reasons:

  • Safety : Equipped with a Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brake system and a welded 6061 aluminum frame, this bike ensures maximum safety for passengers.
  • Comfort : the cruiser bike saddle and suspension fork offer comfortable riding even over long distances.
  • Performance : consider a 750 W motor and a battery of at least 48V for a range of up to 80 km, allowing worry-free daily journeys. Even if we often exceed 80km!
  • Control : Kenda Krusade 20 x 4.0 tires and Shimano Altus 7 derailleur ensure excellent handling and high load carrying.





Bafang 250W / 750W


Lithium I-ion Samsung 48V 13A (840 Wh)


Up to 80 km


Welded 6061 aluminum


Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc


Kenda Krusade 20 x 4.0


Shimano Altus 7 speed


Shimano HGS 7 freewheel - 14-24


KMC-Z Narrow 6-8v

Controller - Lever



Ergotec city black


P&A adjustable plunger


Cruiser saddle


Electric LED front and rear headlight


From €3,199

The Bi place

The two-seater is designed to transport two passengers with ease and safety. They are perfect for urban trips and walks.

Advantages of two-seaters:

  • An incredibly comfortable seat: designed with an ergonomic, soft and complete seat for two people, these seats ensure optimal comfort.
  • Versatility: suitable for daily city trips or longer excursions.




Bafang 250W - 500W


Samsung 48V 17.5 Ah




Aluminum 6061


Hydraulic disc


Kenda Juggernaut 26x4.0 inches


Shimano Altus 7


Inverted Double T


Front and rear LED headlight

Maximum charge



32 kg

Options included

Luggage rack, mudguards, center stand, bell



Essential Technical Characteristics

To choose the best electric bike, it is crucial to take into account certain technical characteristics to make the right choice.

Unikride beach cruiser bike

  • The load carried : knowing the maximum load is essential for transporting a child or luggage without unpleasant surprises. Make sure the bike you choose can support the total weight needed.
  • Overall weight : A heavier bike may provide better stability, but it may also be more difficult to maneuver. It is important to find a balance between carrying load and maneuverability.

Engine performance and power

  • Battery : autonomy varies depending on power. Compare and choose one with the range for longer trips so you don't have to recharge frequently.
  • Engine power and performance : A powerful engine makes it easy to handle climbs and carry heavy loads without excessive effort. 500W motors are generally recommended, this gives you the guarantee of uninterrupted output.

Ease and ergonomics

  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars : to ensure a comfortable riding position, opt for adjustable saddles and handlebars. This makes it possible to adapt the bike to the driver's body shape and guarantee a pleasant ride.
  • Suspension Options for a Smooth Ride : Front and rear suspension greatly improve driving stability by absorbing shock from uneven roads. Otherwise, wide wheels will also absorb the roughness of the road well.

Family bikes offer a variety of options to meet the specific needs of families. Whether longtails, two-wheelers or three-wheelers, each bike has unique advantages in terms of load capacity, performance and layout.

By considering technical specifications such as battery performance, engine power and options, you can find the model that suits your daily needs and outdoor adventures.

Also, you can also personalize your bike and enrich it with different options. Often essential or simply practical, choosing the right ones risks further improving your family experience.

The options

A multitude of options are available to personalize your driving experience. Whether for safety or style reasons, accessories play a crucial role in making bikes adaptable to different family needs.

Safety accessory

Safety is a top priority when transporting children. Here are some essential options to ensure safe driving:

  • LED lights : essential to be visible during nighttime journeys.
  • Helmets : protect each person with suitable helmets.
  • Protective bars : they provide additional safety for children seated in the rear.

Storage options

Maximize the utility of your two wheels with practical storage options:

  • Baskets : perfect for carrying groceries or school bags.
  • Saddlebags : provide a waterproof storage solution for personal belongings.
  • Trailers : ideal for transporting large objects or several people.

Bike customization

Personalizing your bike allows you to respond precisely to your needs and your style:

  • Choice of colors : adapt the look of your bike to your personal preferences. The most common colors are black, white, green and brown.
  • Types of tires : choose tires suitable for your urban or off-road journeys.
  • Other options : Add personal touches like leather seats or ergonomic handles. Take an integrated GPS to track movements live for example.

Care and maintenance

To guarantee the longevity and performance of your electric bike, regular maintenance is beneficial.

The interview:

Some tips for routine maintenance of your electric bike:

  • Clean your bike regularly, check the tire pressure and make sure the brakes are working properly.
  • Transmission and Braking : Keep the chain well lubricated and the brakes adjusted for optimal performance.

Repairs and spare parts

If repairs are needed, it is important to know where to find reliable replacement parts. Original parts are available directly from the manufacturer, for example if you opt for a UnikRide bike, you are guaranteed perfect compatibility of the new parts with your model.

For repairs, you can consult online tutorials or call a professional for more complex repairs. Likewise, some manufacturers like UnikRide offer a repair workshop.


What are the ideas for use?

For daily commutes

Make your daily trips easier:

The electric bike makes daily travel easier , the electric assistance allows you to cover long distances effortlessly, even with children or heavy loads. In the city , these family transports are perfect for daily trips, offering an ecological and economical alternative to cars.

For leisure and vacation

Enjoy walks and vacations . Explore new horizons as a family thanks to the range and versatility of bikes. Whether for a walk in the countryside or a day at the beach, these bikes are designed to offer a memorable experience and interesting practicality.


Buy a family electric bike

Investing in an electric bike requires in-depth consideration of several essential criteria. Together we saw the main advantages and differences between each model. Quickly here are the main ones:

  • Load capacity : Make sure the bike can support the weight of all passengers and luggage.
  • The battery : look for sufficient autonomy for your daily and leisure journeys.
  • Ease and safety : prioritize a bike with comfortable seats and integrated safety features.

Or buy ?

Family electric bikes are becoming practical and fun alternatives for daily travel and leisure. By choosing the right manufacturer, the right options and regularly maintaining your two-wheeler, you can maximize its durability and performance.

Buy your Electric Bike at UnikRide

At UnikRide, each electric bike is designed with meticulous attention to deliver the best in performance and comfort. The different models, such as the electric cargo tricycle and the two-seater Fatstreet , are distinguished by their robustness, reliability and adaptability.

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The advantages of UnikRide for your electric bike

We are particularly recognized for the exceptional range of our batteries, which ranges from 40 km to 120 km per charge, thanks to high-quality components such as Bafang motors, Samsung batteries, and Shimano derailleurs. This durability provides peace of mind for safe daily journeys.

As a French company, we guarantee fast and efficient delivery of our products, also allowing our customers to test the bikes before purchase to ensure that they meet their expectations.