La Vélodyssée à portée de roues !

The Vélodyssée within reach of wheels!

Discover the Vélodyssée: A 1300 km Cycling Adventure along the Atlantic Coasts

The Vélodyssée, one of the longest cycle routes in Europe, stretches 1,300 km along the magnificent Atlantic coast of France, linking Roscoff in Brittany to Hendaye in the Basque Country. This incredible cycle route offers a unique experience to cyclists of all levels, allowing them to discover the diversity of landscapes, cultural richness and natural heritage of the French west coast. Our fatbike electric bikes will be suitable for this route.

An Epic Journey Across France

Traveling through six French regions and crossing more than 15 departments, the Vélodyssée promises an unforgettable cycling adventure. Cyclists ride along sandy beaches, through majestic forests, through picturesque salt marshes and discover picturesque fishing ports. Each stage offers its share of discoveries and wonders to explore.

An Itinerary Accessible to All

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a fan of bike rides, the Vélodyssée offers sections suitable for all skill and fitness levels. Well-maintained bike paths and lightly traveled roads provide a pleasant and safe riding experience for cyclists of all ages.

An Immersion in Local Culture and Gastronomy

By traveling the Vélodyssée, cyclists have the opportunity to discover the rich culture and local gastronomy of the regions crossed. From picturesque villages to bustling coastal towns, each stop offers the opportunity to taste regional specialties, visit historic sites and meet friendly locals.

Services and Accommodations Suitable for Cyclists

Throughout the Vélodyssée, cyclists will find a range of services and accommodation adapted to their needs. From friendly campsites and cozy B&Bs to hotels and lodges, there are plenty of accommodation options to unwind after a day of cycling. Additionally, many establishments offer specific services for cyclists, such as secure bicycle storage and the provision of repair kits.

Ready to Embrace Adventure?

Whether you want to ride the entire Vélodyssée or simply discover part of this iconic route, this cycle path offers a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts. Pack your bike, put on your helmet and set off to discover the Vélodyssée – an epic cycling adventure that promises unforgettable memories along the French Atlantic coasts.

8 Steps to Explore the Landscapes of the Landes and Basque Country by Bike

Discover the essential routes to explore the Landes and the Basque Country by bike! Each stop offers a unique insight into the natural and cultural beauty of the area, allowing you to choose based on your preferences and fitness level.

  1. From Biscarrosse-plage to Parentis-en-Born : Travel 25.56 km in 1 hour 42 minutes through picturesque coastal landscapes and charming villages.
  2. From Biscarrosse-plage to Mimizan-Plage : Travel 31.13 km in 2 hours 04 minutes along magnificent fine sand beaches and majestic dunes.
  3. From Mimizan-Plage to Léon : Travel 47.12 km in 3 hours 08 minutes through fragrant pine forests and preserved wetlands.
  4. From Léon to Capbreton : Travel 33.3 km in 2 hours 13 minutes, passing peaceful lakes and picturesque salt marshes.
  5. From Capbreton to Bayonne : Travel 28.98 km in 1 hour 55 minutes, passing through bustling towns and following winding rivers.
  6. From Bayonne to Biarritz : Travel 16.25 km in 1 hour 03 minutes along the rocky coast and steep cliffs.
  7. From Biarritz to Saint-Jean-de-Luz : Travel 14.24 km in 56 minutes, discovering idyllic beaches and picturesque coastal villages.
  8. From Saint-Jean-de-Luz to Hendaye : Travel 20.48 km in 1 hour 21 minutes, following the magnificent bay and discovering breathtaking coastal landscapes.

These cycling routes offer an experience accessible to all, allowing cyclists to fully enjoy the varied landscapes and hidden treasures of the Landes and the Basque Country. Whether you choose to complete the entire route offered by the Vélodyssée or simply part of it, each stage promises unforgettable discoveries.